Whats flamingle

Flamingle – what is it? Flamingle is a word that is closely related to the farewell to freedom. Every girl imagines her bachelor party a little differently, but we agree that every girl has dreamed of her bachelor party and dreams of her since she was a child. Every woman needs to have a man next to her, with whom she will stay, grow old, have children and a family. Love is the meaning of life for most people, so don`t be surprised. The rest (a minority of people) are focused on career rather than family life. Such people also exist. But is it good to condemn them right away?


Certainly not me. One should live one`s life the way one wants oneself – that is, no one should force him to do anything, no one should tell him that he must do this and that. From that, we each have our lives to live exactly the way we want. It may seem to many that we are not doing everything to their liking, but this is perfectly normal. They also live their own lives. They also plan for the future and absolutely do not need our personal opinion, so looking at the environment to negatively affect us is really completely useless. People would like to tell us what to do, but it`s up to you whether you like it or say, „Enough!“


And you ignore their words. Farewell to freedom should be a signal of happiness, your The joy that you are looking forward to should be a reflection of yourself. And when you spread this positive energy around you, you have one big plus, and the others will be in a positive mood too, because they will see that you are in a good mood too. You will see, it will be a good step for you. And if you want, your future husband can be in bachelorette with you. It will be so much romantic. Or your friends – woman friends. You can choose which you want. You will see what is the right way for you.